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A note from Hannah Cryle - Director

Happy Haps Productions is an umbrella production company originally set up to cover the works I have created solo. My first solo creation was The Very Circusy Caterpillar, followed by The Big Wheel Show and The Loneliest Number. All of my shows are entertainment driven, meaning I have created them with the audience in mind. My first goal is to make people smile and laugh and give them a story to tell their friends. I looked at my existing body of work and identified the things that all of my shows have in common and the things I enjoy most about performing them. I realised my favourite part of all of my shows was the underlying themes of gender equality. I think its important for all people (but particularly young people) to witness normal women doing extraordinary things. It reminds girls that they can be whatever they want to be and reminds boys that girls do not exist simply to live up to expectations.


Happy Haps Productions is always interested to hear from performers and other creatives who are keen to get on board with our mission.

"The Very Circusy Caterpillar exudes energy, provides entertainment and teaches the kiddies a very valuable lesson indeed!"

- Rip It Up.

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Come and experience first-hand what Hannah has been up to since you saw her last. It’s guaranteed to satisfy.

-Australian Stage

"It is creative without being painfully experimental and bursts with an infectious enthusiasm."

- The Herald Sun.

"Hannah Cryle is one impressive woman. She has gutsily broken away from her established career as an ensemble performer and created a solo show debut, The Iron Maiden. Packed with full-power rock numbers and a bunch of nifty tricks, she successfully proves she can do an ensemble show alone."

- Theatre Press

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